Born To Build

The Born to Build campaign is being fronted by 17 young people who work in the industry, they share their stories here.


Health & Safety in construction

All UKCG members are working at the leading edge of construction to improve health and safety performance on their construction sites.


Creating Britain's Future

Showing the importance of construction to the UK economy, its potential to drive growth, how it delivers excellent products and how it helps change lives.


Open Doors Weekend 2015

A behind the scenes look into the diverse world of modern construction and the chance to meet the talented men and women who make it all happen. A great opportunity for young people interested in a career in construction.


About UKCG

UKCG is the primary association for contractors and their supply chain partners operating in the UK. Together, UKCG members account for a third of construction output in the UK. This provides strength to leverage our knowledge, experience and relationships. 64p of every £1 sub-contracted by UKCG members goes to SMEs.

UKCG works collaboratively with appropriate channels, such as the CBI Construction Council, to ensure our voice is heard by government and society at large.

More about UKCG

Industry Issues

Jobs & diversity

UKCG aims to increase the number and quality of apprenticeships in construction and improve the diversity of the construction workforce. UKCG is reaching out to the next generation through its annual Open Doors Weekends introuducing them to the career opportunities in construction. More

Improving health & safety in the construction industry

UKCG members work towards world-class health and safety standards across the UK construction industry through its Health and Safety Charter. More

Enviromental performance

UKCG members are leading the way in improving the environmental performance of the construction sector. The work UKCG carries out through its Environmental Group is addressing the significant environmental issues the industry faces. More

Business ethics in UK construction industry

Each UKCG member takes their obligations under the Bribery Act 2010 very seriously and UKCG has workled closely with members to put anti-bribery policies and new auditing and whistle-blowing procedures in place. More

Fair Payment and Project Bank Accounts

UKCG members are committed to help improve flow of cash throughout the supply chain as trading conditions improve. UKCG supports in principle the introduction of the Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter. More

False self-employment

UKCG recognises it is extremely difficult for law abiding companies to decide whether somebody is really self-employed or should be taxed within PAYE. UKCG welcomes proposed legislation to clarify the issue. More

Statement on blacklisting

The UK Contractors Group agrees that the historic practice of ‘blacklisting’ was wrong and is working to get the commitment of its members to ensure that this practice is never allowed to happen again. More